How Many Citations Does Moz Local Monitor

Moz Local does not specify how many citations it monitors. However, Moz Local has access to over 300 data sources and citation networks, so it is likely that the service is able to monitor a substantial number of citations. The exact number of citations monitored by Moz Local can vary depending on the business or location being tracked.

This can range from hundreds to thousands of citations across numerous sites such as Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook and more. Additionally, with each new update released by Moz Local there are often more sources added which could potentially increase the total amount of monitored citations even further.

Moz Local is a powerful tool for monitoring your online presence and ensuring that your business information is up to date across all the major search engines. One of its most impressive features, however, is the ability to monitor citations. Moz Local scans over 40 different websites and directories in order to keep an eye on how many listings contain accurate information regarding your business such as name, address, phone number etc.

This means that you can rest assured knowing that any changes made are quickly reflected across multiple platforms and sites – giving customers easy access to current contact details!

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Moz Local Alternative

A Moz Local alternative is Yext, which is a powerful digital presence platform that helps businesses control their online presence across the web. It provides an easy-to-use dashboard to manage listings on over 100 major search engines, directories and social networks like Google, Apple Maps and Yelp. With Yext, you can easily update all of your business information in one place with just one click and ensure accuracy everywhere customers are searching for you.

Moz Local Listings

Moz Local Listings is a powerful tool that helps small businesses get found online. It allows business owners to manage and monitor their listing across the most popular search engines, directories, and social networks. Moz Local Listings can help create a consistent online presence for your business by ensuring accuracy of name, address, phone number (NAP), website URL, hours of operation and more across all major platforms.

This helps local customers find you when they’re searching for products or services in your area.

Moz Local Pricing

Moz Local is a comprehensive local listing management tool for businesses. It helps them maintain their presence across the world’s top search engines, directories and apps. The pricing of Moz Local is based on the number of business locations you need to manage – plans start at $84/mo for one location, with additional discounts available when managing more than 10 locations.

With features like automated address verification, data optimization and monthly reporting on progress, Moz Local provides an excellent solution to help businesses reach local customers online.

Moz Local Listing Score

The Moz Local Listing Score is a tool that helps businesses track and improve their online visibility. It provides an overall score based on the accuracy, consistency, and completeness of business listings across over 50 online directories like Yelp, Yellow Pages, Google My Business and more. This score can help local businesses ensure they are listed consistently across the web so potential customers can find them easily.

Moz Local Login

Moz Local Login is a secure portal that allows businesses to manage their online presence. It provides access to Moz’s suite of tools, including its Location Data Management Platform, which helps businesses claim and optimize listings across more than 100 local directories like Google My Business and Yelp. With Moz Local Login, businesses can monitor and track the performance of their listings in real time.

Moz Local Dashboard

Moz Local Dashboard is a powerful tool that helps local businesses manage their online presence across multiple search engines, helping them to gain visibility and reach more customers. It allows business owners to quickly create and update listings in over 40+ directories, monitor the accuracy of your existing listings, track performance data for each listing, and respond to customer reviews from one central dashboard. With Moz Local Dashboard, you can ensure a consistent name, address, phone number (NAP) across all platforms so potential customers can easily find you online.

Google My Business Citations

Google My Business citations are an important factor in local SEO, as they provide a more thorough description of your business. They also help search engines understand the relevancy of your business to local queries and can boost rankings for localized searches. Citations must be accurate and consistent across multiple webpages in order to be effective, so it’s important you make sure all information is up-to-date on Google My Business listings.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free tool provided by Google that helps website owners and developers monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot their presence in the search engine’s organic results. It provides detailed reports on your website’s performance, allowing you to identify potential issues like crawl errors, structured data problems and security issues. Additionally, it allows webmasters to submit sitemaps so they can be included in the indexing process.

With Google Search Console users can also optimize their site for better visibility in organic search results through tools such as robots.txt testing or removals requests.

How Many Citations Does Moz Local Monitor


How Does Moz Local Work?

Moz Local is a tool that helps businesses boost their local presence online by optimizing their information across the major data aggregators. It works by first having businesses create an account and then submitting their business information to Moz. From there, Moz will automatically distribute this information to all of the major search engines and directories including Google, Bing, Apple Maps, Yelp, Yellow Pages and more.

The main benefits of using Moz Local are: • Increased visibility in local SERPs • Consistent NAP (Name Address Phone) listings on each directory

• Improved reputation through customer reviews

How Many Citations is Good for Seo?

Having citations for your business is important for SEO. The more credible and relevant the citations are, the better it is for SEO. Generally speaking, having at least 10-15 quality citations should be good enough to start seeing some improvement in organic rankings:

• Quality over quantity when it comes to citations • Ensure all information on each citation is accurate • Consistently monitor existing citations

What are Citations in Local Seo?

Citations are an important part of local SEO. A citation is a mention of a business’s name, address and phone number (NAP) on other websites or directories. They are used by search engines to authenticate the accuracy and relevancy of businesses in certain geographic areas.

Citations help establish trustworthiness, relevance and authority for local businesses online: • Citations increase visibility by appearing in more places than just your website • They can be used to boost rankings in both organic searches as well as map packs

• Google uses citations to verify that a business exists at its stated address

Is Moz Local Free?

Moz Local is not a free service, but it does offer a range of pricing options. The basic package costs $84 per year and includes the following features: – Basic business listing optimization on over 30 sites

– Access to Moz Local dashboard with insights into local ranking performance – Bulk uploads for multiple locations or businesses at once

How Do I Find Local Citations?

Finding local citations is an important part of improving a business’s visibility in its local market. Here are some ways to find them: • Use Google Maps or other mapping websites to search for similar businesses in your area and see which directories they are listed on.

• Reach out to industry-specific websites and request that your business be added to their directory. • Research online directories specific to the products or services you offer, such as health care providers or real estate listings, and submit your information if it’s not already included there. • Ask customers who have purchased goods from you or used your services if they can provide reviews on relevant sites like Yelp.


In conclusion, Moz Local Monitor is a great tool for businesses to use to keep track of their citations. It not only keeps track of how many citations you have and where they are located, but it also provides helpful advice on how to optimize your listings as well. With its easy-to-use interface, detailed insights, and comprehensive tracking capabilities, businesses can rest assured knowing that they will always be aware of their online presence and reputation.

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