Boost Local Citation Presence

Boost Local Citation Presence

We specialize in local citation building for businesses across all industries. We understand what it takes to increase your local visibility and boost your local SEO rankings to rise above the competition.

We use up-to-date citation sources to build local citations quickly and accurately, such as Google My Business, Bing Places for Business, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Apple Maps, and more. We also ensure that the citations are properly filled out, so you get the most out of them.

With us, you can expect a quick and easy setup, complete management of your local listings, expert monitoring of your citations, and a team of professionals dedicated to helping you get to the top of local search results.

Our services

Citation Audit

A citation audit is a process of reviewing and evaluating the citations in a body of work, such as a research paper or website, to ensure that they are accurate, relevant, and properly formatted. The goal of a citation audit is to improve the credibility and accuracy of the work, as well as to ensure compliance with academic or professional standards.

Find Inconsistent NAP

Inconsistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) would occur if a business has different information listed on different directories or platforms. For example, if a business’s address is listed as 123 Main St on their website, but is listed as 124 Main St on Google Maps, that would be considered inconsistent NAP. Another example would be if a business’s phone number is listed as 555-555-5555 on its website, but is listed as 555-555-5556 on Yelp, that would also be considered inconsistent NAP.

Analyze Competitors Citation

To analyze a competitor’s citation, We start by searching for their business name on Google and looking at the results. Look for directories, industry-specific websites, and any other online platforms where their business is listed. Take note of any awards or accolades they have received, as well as any media coverage or press mentions.

Prepare Citation List

We believe in building quality citations instead of quality citations. We hand-pick high DA directories websites, Niche directories, GEO directories, and unstructured citation sources to get a higher ranking in the citation.

Rich Media Citation

According to a recent survey conducted by Bright Local, 62% of customers said the Richness of citation matters. This means that not only do top directories matter but you need to have rich Media Citations as well.

White Label Report

We provide completely white-label reports in the local citation services through Excel format, Business Name, and Business Website. We also provide login email, login password, listing status, live URL, and other details.


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