How to List My Business on Yahoo

To list your business on Yahoo, you must first create a free Yahoo account. Once your account is created, log in and go to the Small Business page and select “Create a Listing”. You will be asked to provide basic information about your business such as name, address, phone number, email address and website URL.

You can also add additional information like hours of operation or special offers. After submitting the form, you will receive an email confirmation with instructions on how to verify ownership of the listing by signing into your Yahoo account. Once verified, click “Submit” to finish creating the listing for your business on Yahoo!

  • Step 1: Visit the Yahoo Small Business page at https://smallbusiness
  • yahoo
  • Description: This is the main page for businesses that are interested in listing their business on Yahoo
  • Here you will find information about what services and products they offer, as well as how to get started with creating your account and listing your business
  • Step 2: Create an account by clicking ‘Sign Up’ at the top right of the homepage or create a new one using an existing email address if you already have one
  • Description: Once you click ‘Sign Up’, you will be taken to a page where you can enter your contact details such as name, email address and phone number so that Yahoo can verify who owns this business before it allows them to list it on its platform
  • Step 3: Enter in all relevant information about your business such as company name, website URL, categories for which it applies, images etc
  • , under ‘Add Your Business’ section on the left side of the page after logging into your account
  • Description: The purpose of providing all this information is so that customers are able to find out exactly what type of product or service they would be purchasing when they visit or purchase from your online store/website directly from within Yahoo’s search engine results pages (SERPs)
  • Moreover, these categories also provide potential customers with more accurate results when conducting searches related to specific industries and niches on Yahoo’s SERPs instead of showing irrelevant results based solely on keyword matching algorithms used by other web search engines like Google & Bing

Free Yahoo Business Listing

Yahoo My Business

Yahoo My Business is a free service offered by Yahoo that allows businesses to create a profile on the Yahoo network. The profile includes information about the business, including its location, hours of operation, website address, and contact details. With this tool, businesses can increase their online visibility and reach potential customers more easily.

Additionally, they can track customer reviews and manage their reputation online through the platform’s dashboard. Overall, Yahoo My Business is an invaluable resource for any organization looking to expand their digital presence.

Yahoo My Business Login

Yahoo My Business is a free service that allows business owners to create and manage their own online presence. With Yahoo My Business, you can easily update your business information, add photos and videos of your products or services, respond to customer reviews, track website analytics, and more. Login to Yahoo My Business today to get started on creating an online presence for your business!

Yahoo Business Listing Free

Yahoo Business Listing is a free service that helps businesses reach more customers and build an online presence. With it, you can create a business listing profile with detailed information about your company including contact information, hours of operation, products and services offered, website link and more. The listing also provides users with directions to your store or office location.

Adding your business to Yahoo’s directory will help potential customers find you easier in local searches as well as on the web.

Yahoo Local Search

Yahoo Local Search is a local search service provided by Yahoo that allows users to search for businesses, services and other information located within their area. It can be used to find restaurants, retailers, banks and more in your neighborhood. Results are displayed on an interactive map with addresses and reviews from customers who have visited the business before.

Google My Business

Google My Business is a free tool from Google that allows business owners to manage their online presence across Google, including Search and Maps. With it, you can easily control how your business appears on Google search results and show customers important information like store hours, contact details, products or services offered, photos of the business and more. This helps potential customers find accurate information about your business quickly and easily when they’re searching for it.

Claim Yahoo Business Listing

Claiming your Yahoo Business Listing is an easy way to create a business profile and help increase visibility of your business online. By claiming and verifying your listing, you are able to add details about your business including contact information, hours, services offered and more. Additionally, you can monitor customer reviews which will help customers find out more about the quality of products or services that you offer.

Claiming and verifying a Yahoo Business Listing is free and only takes a few minutes!

Yahoo Local Business

Yahoo Local Business is a great way to promote your business and get it seen by more people. It allows you to create a listing for your business with basic information such as contact details, opening hours, services offered, and other relevant data. Additionally, Yahoo Local Business provides helpful tools that allow you to track website visits and customer reviews in order to improve your company’s visibility online.

Yahoo Local Business Listing

Yahoo Local Business Listing is a free online listing service offered by Yahoo to help businesses gain visibility online and attract local customers. With a Yahoo Local Business Listing, businesses can add their address, contact information, hours of operation and more. This listing also provides potential customers with reviews from other users who have used the business’s services in the past.

Additionally, Yahoo’s mobile app allows people to find nearby businesses on-the-go using GPS technology.

How to List My Business on Yahoo


Can You List Your Business on Yahoo for Free?

Yes, you can list your business on Yahoo for free. Yahoo Small Business offers the opportunity to list a business for no cost by creating an account and utilizing their directory system. Once you create an account with Yahoo Small Business, you will be able to add details about your business such as your website address, contact information, hours of operation, products or services offered and more.

With this information included in the listing, potential customers will have access to all of the necessary information they need in order to make informed decisions about purchasing from or working with your company. Additionally, by taking advantage of the free listings option on Yahoo Small Business, companies are also able to increase their visibility online which helps build credibility and trust among consumers. This can lead to additional sales opportunities in addition to providing a valuable resource for those looking for specific services or products that may not be readily available elsewhere.

Does Yahoo Have Business Listings?

Yes, Yahoo has a business listing option. This feature allows businesses to create an online presence on the search engine giant’s platform and get seen by potential customers. With this service, companies can add their contact information, website URL, location details, hours of operation and any other relevant details about their business.

Listings also include photos and videos if desired. Additionally, businesses are able to manage customer reviews that appear in the listings as well as track how many followers they have for each listing type. Finally, once created businesses can use the dashboard to manage all of their listings from one place; making it easy to update or change information when needed without having to go through multiple steps.

Does Yahoo Have Something Like Google My Business?

Yahoo does not have a service that is directly comparable to Google My Business. Yahoo Local Listings provides businesses with the ability to list their business, address and contact information in Yahoo’s local directory, but it doesn’t offer the same features as Google My Business. With Yahoo Local Listings you can add basic details about your company such as your address, phone number and website URL which will be displayed on its search engine results page (SERP) when users search for related keywords.

However, you cannot link other social media channels or customize the listing with pictures and videos like you can with a Google My Business profile. Additionally, customers cannot leave reviews or ratings which are two of the main benefits of having an active presence on GMB. So while Yahoo does provide some level of visibility for businesses through its local listings feature it isn’t quite at par with what Google has to offer through its comprehensive suite of tools designed specifically for small businesses under ‘Google My Business’.

How Do I Create a Local Listing on Yahoo?

Creating a local listing on Yahoo! is a simple and effective way to promote your business, attract customers, and increase visibility. To get started, first create an account with Yahoo!. You will need to provide contact information for the business including the name, address, phone number and website.

Once you have created an account with Yahoo!, you can then log in to their Local Listing dashboard using your credentials. From there you will be able to enter in more detailed information about your business such as special offers or services that are available. Additionally, if your business has multiple locations you can include those as well by entering in each location’s data separately into the system.

Finally when all of this is complete simply submit it for review and wait for confirmation from Yahoo!. Once approved it should take only 24-48 hours before your local listing appears on search engine results pages across the internet – maximizing exposure and helping potential customers find exactly what they’re looking for quickly!


Listing your business on Yahoo is a great way to help increase visibility and reach for potential customers. With the advent of technology, it’s easier than ever to make sure that people know about your company and its services. By following the steps outlined in this blog post, you can easily list your business on Yahoo and start getting more eyes on what you have to offer.

Doing so will not only help bring more customers but also give you an invaluable insight into how well-received your product or service is by others. Additionally, having a presence on Yahoo can open up other opportunities such as advertising options that could benefit both parties involved. All in all, listing your business on Yahoo is a simple yet effective way of boosting awareness and customer numbers alike!

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