What is Google My Business? Why is it important? Summary of Google My Business setup.

What is Google My Business? Why is it important? Summary of Google My Business setup.

If you are a beginner and want to know what is Google My Business then you should spend time reading this content to get an idea. As the name suggests, Google My Business allows you to list your business on Google.

When a consumer reviews or researches your business on Google – or even searches terms related to your business, you want to make sure that all the information the customer needs to visit your website/purchase or contact your company is listed on Google. is done

How do you complete the work of Google My Business?

With Google My Business, you can not only create a listing for your business on Google, but you can also manage your business presence on one of the world’s most popular search engines. Moreover, Google My Business offers many more benefits.

How Google My Business makes your business easier

  • Provide important information about your business, such as your name, phone number, and address
  • Make it easy for your clients to get directions to your location
  • Promote company events and news
  • Add your business photo
  • For users as well as companies, Google My Business is an invaluable resource.

Why is Google My Business important?

Google My Business is an important tool. It helps your business communicate with your specific visitors, as well as provide helpful information to current and potential customers.

1) Google My Business Free:

Nothing is free, but Google My Business allows you to list your business for free. That’s why Google My Business is an essential platform for any company. Whether you’re a new startup or an established company, creating your business profile on Google costs nothing.

2) Google My Business generates leads

In the past few years, searches with the phrase “near me” have increased by more than 500 percent. Meaning, people are looking for businesses near them, be it a restaurant, movie theater, or furniture store.

Make Google My Business a part of your digital marketing strategy and you can start generating new leads, as well as generating additional sales. Local searchers have a high conversion rate of up to 80 percent. So the huge benefits of Google My Business help your business grow.

3) Google My Business helps in ranking in search results

On a comprehensive site like Google, you want to make sure your business doesn’t get lost in the long list of search results. The higher you rank in Google, the more likely your business will be noticed by people interested in your product or service.

Why Google favors Google My Business profiles. A complete picture of your business, such as your name, location, phone number, and services, can help Google ensure it’s relevant to searchers and rank it that way.

How to set up Google My Business?

1) Open an account

Start your Google My Business profile by claiming your business on Google. If your company has a Google My Business profile but doesn’t own it, you can claim it through Google. For brand-new companies, you can sign up and create your profile.

2) Enter your business information

After signing up or logging in to your Google My Business account, add important information about your company:

  • name
  • address
  • phone number
  • of hours
  • Industry

3) Verify the account

Verifying your account is another important step when signing up for Google My Business. Once you’ve reviewed all of your information and made sure everything is correct, you’ve verified yourself as the owner of your business.

If you want to verify your business by post, email, or phone, Google will send a verification code. After receiving the verification code, enter the code in Google My Business. If you want to verify your business by post mail, a postcard with a verification code will arrive within 14 days.

In which sectors Google My Business can be used?

Any company can use Google My Business, even if they don’t operate a storefront. For example:

  • retail store
  • the plumber
  • the restaurant
  • E-commerce store
  • Car agency
  • Utility provider
  • etc

How can businesses use Google My Business?

You can start using Google My Business with the following steps:

  1. Log in to the Google Account where you want to manage your Google My Business profile
  2. Go to https://www.google.com/business/ and click on “manage now”.
  3. Create or find and claim your Google My Business profile.
  4. Verify your business and business profile on Google.
  5. Update your Google My Business profile with your name, address, phone number, and more.
  6. Encourage your clients or customers to share their experiences through reviews.
  7. Optimize your profile with posts, product or service listings, photos, and more.